Saturday, 23 June 2012

Lasarte Restaurante, Barcelona

Lasarte is arguably Barcelona's best restaurant and its master, Martin Berasategui, is considered the #1 chef in Spain since the closure of Ferran Addria's El Bulli.  Very deserving of its 2 Michelin stars, the food is both creative and delicious.  The flavours and textures make perfect sense, unlike many of the current gastronomical experiences that seem to be more interested in turning the meal into a chemistry experiment.

The mood of the space is subdued and warm.  Each eating area houses only a few tables so you never feel crowded by other diners.  The white plaster of the walls is beautifully complimented by muted gold accents and fresh fragrant flowers.

The food, of course, is the real star.  Tasting bites and small tapas serve as the amuse bouche - spiced pistachios, potato with roe, and smoked oyster with cream.  As appetizers we chose three tapas - smoked eel, prawn with sea urchin (oh, to eat this again!), and tuna tartare with caviar.  The seafood delights were perfectly matched, preparing us for amazing main courses.  Rare pigeon breasts with risotto-style truffle gravy and charcoal grilled tuna belly with mango, capers and greens.  A wonder of flavours!  Dessert was a sweet treat adventure.  Rice and cardamom juice over olive oil cake with olive oil ice cream was my choice and my husband devoured the French toast with coffee ice cream and caramel foam.  Yum!!

Each course was prepared with unusual flavour combinations that made for a unique dining experience.

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