Sunday, 17 June 2012

I Can Do This!!

Here are some things that I've learned along the way.  These are random, in no logical order and I'll keep adding to them.

1.  If you have issues with pain, take a heating pad on the plane.  Many planes have electrical outlets on the backs of the seats for computers but they work just as well for heating pads.  Check with your airline to see if your plane has them.

2.  I have a cane with a piece that tightens the height settings in place.  Carry plumbers tape so that if the threads become stripped you can easily fix it.  It's lightweight and small - easy to carry.

3.  On a similar note,  always carry an extra foot for your cane.  I learned this the hard way.  Mine came off and fell into the Caribbean Sea.  I was without a rubber foot for 3 days!

4.  Cruising is a great way to see what you want to see without having to pack up every morning and get on the bus.  It's easy to get around the ship, there are wheelchair accessible rooms on most cruise lines and many of them have accessible shore excursions too!

5.  Did you know that there are companies who rent special needs equipment and can deliver and pick up from your destination?  Contact a certified travel agent and let them assist you.  The price of your trip has no additional cost if you use an agent.  And they're the experts.

6.  I know a guide in Rome who has a fantastic tour of the city by golf cart.  Yes, I said golf cart.  And he's a wonderful guide and guy.  Email him at:

Me and Paolo at the ruins of Circus Maximus

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