Monday, 16 September 2013

How stupid am I? I feel a bit dense, really, about this one but perhaps it's only because I'm still a bit of a newbie about this cane and travel stuff.  Recently, I was at my hairdresser chatting with a lovely elderly woman about travelling with a cane.  Unfortunately, she also needed to use one.  

If you will recall, a few years ago, I lost the tip of my cane getting back on a cruise ship and went many days without a replacement.  My advice in that entry was to always travel with a spare.  While that advice still holds (and, trust me, there's always one in my suitcase), this wonderful lady at my hairdresser innocently asked if I had gone to the medical clinic on board to get a replacement.  

Well, HELLO!  To be perfectly frank, this never even crossed my mind at the time nor had it ever until that afternoon.  So, lesson learned.  If you happen to be without a spare cane tip and you lose yours at sea -- go to the ship's doctor -- don't just go tap-tap-tapping along without one for 3 days!

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