Monday, 14 January 2013

Each trip brings something new

It seems that each time I travel I learn something that will help me on my next journey.  This trip to the South Pacific taught me something about rain.  Prior to this, my presence in a warm climate never seemed to involve a downpour.  But, as I mentioned, December in the South Pacific is the rainy season.  But it is also quite warm and humid.  So, I wore shorts everywhere.  Which meant I got caught in monsoon-like rain trying to board the ferry from Moorea to Tahiti.  I had to remove the electronic device that I wear on my leg to help me lift my foot.  Otherwise, it likely would have shorted out.  This required, then, that I walk up a very large ramp (with help) in the pouring rain without my walking device.  I was very nervous and, frankly, a tad annoyed that this was the only way they seemed to have available to board the vessel for persons with a mobility issue.  Nevertheless, I made it onboard without ruining my device.  When I arrived back in Canada, I contacted a dear friend who is quite skilled with a needle and thread. She is in the process of making a cover for my device that will be easy to carry and quick to put on.  It will simply be a strip of windbreaker (or something even more waterproof) fabric with elastic on the top and bottom to make sure it hugs the leg.  At each end, it will close with velcro.  So, no bulk and I can slap that thing on in a matter of seconds.  So, whatever sort of exposed electronic device you may have, velcro is a marvelous invention and might be a useful part of keeping it dry.  Think about it.

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