Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Well of the Turk, Hania

This restaurant serves phenomenal fresh, organic food in the Turkish district of Hania known as Splantzia.  The historical building lies amongst a "labyrinth of narrow streets" on Rouga Square and houses The Well of the Turk and a marble fountain depicting scenes of Istanbul.  This establishment is truly enthralling and I am amazed at its efficiency as the kitchen is up a flight of stairs on the second floor.  Although there is a lovely dining room inside, the breezy tables outside are preferable and the patio wraps around to an intimate side street too narrow for cars.  

The restaurant's owner, an ex-pat from the UK, creates wonderful, flavourful dishes from Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences.  Having lived in Morocco learning about cuisine from a good friend, she provides the unique spicing and textures from this culture.  The Greek influence comes from her mother-in-law when she first arrived in Greece; it was through food that she learned the language.

Our appetizer was the freshest, flavour-popping salad I've ever had.  Along with organic greens, avocado, oranges and black olives were tossed with crunchy flakes of Greek sea salt.  The Mid East/Med spices combined beautifully first with chicken and bacon kabobs and then with a spinach, cheese, almond and raisin crepe pie.  Plumpness, crunch, creamy - all together in a warm nest.  The owner, Jenny, brought marvellous food and took us on the grand tour.  The Well of the Turk was a terrific surprise.

courtesy of www.welloftheturk.com

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