Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Hop On Hop Off

For those of you who find it difficult to simply walk around in a new destination or you just want a good way to orient yourself, many cities now have a "Hop On Hop Off" bus system or its equivalent.  This is an easy and very budget-conscious way to see your destination, taking in all the major sights.  The bus usually has a number of stops and some systems even have several different routes.  This allows the rider to get on and off at any point along the tour, numerous times, during a 24 hour period.  It may be helpful to take this journey shortly after your arrival in order to see the areas to which you may wish to return.  The fares are very reasonable and tickets can be purchased usually online or on the bus itself.  Often your fare includes the purchase of headphones, allowing you to listen to commentary about the city in several different languages.  I've experienced these systems both in North America and in Europe so do your homework to see if it's available on your next trip.

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