Friday, 14 September 2012

Restaurang Prinsen, Stockholm

This eatery served a wonderful combination of traditional Swedish dishes with some more contemporary international fare.  Founded in 1897, Restaurang Prinsen sits along a pedestrian thoroughfare with an outdoor patio, much like a classic French bistro.  We were fortunate to sit at a small open window table that overlooked the patio and allowed us to people watch during our meal.

Which was a delight, by the way.  We started with a creme of Jerusalem artichokes topped with crayfish tails and who could visit Sweden without sampling the herring.  These were prepared five ways - one with beets, a Greek style with tzatziki sauce, a traditionally pickled version, a red wine marinade, and a version that completely escapes my memory.

Two memorable mains followed, however.  The first was a thinly sliced cured salmon with fresh dill.  This came with traditional boiled potatoes and some delicious spinach.  The second was a version of Swedish meatballs called "Var Klassiska Wallenbegare."  Yes, wonderful little minced veal burgers with whipped cream and egg yolks.  Delightfully light when the expectation was dense and heavy.

We completed our meal with divine crepes stuffed with vanilla and almond cream and covered in berries with a raspberry sauce.  A great way to complete our visit to Stockholm.

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